76 days of learnings – Journal as a mirror to your mind


Whether you’re keeping a journal or writing as a meditation, it’s the same thing. What’s important is you’re having a relationship with your mind. ~ Natalie Goldberg

For a long time I thought that a writing a diary or a journal is for those, who can’t cope with their emotional storms and had to channel their thoughts on paper. I even read somewhere that women who kept a diary were more likely to end their relationships since they could go back into the negative moments with their partners though the text, moments that otherwise would have been forgotten. But the more I read about famous philosophers, artists and entrepreneurs, the more I noticed a pattern of keeping a journal to measure and reflect. I started to see how writing can morph into a mirror and a benchmark, if used correctly. It can empower us to understand ourselves better and help with focusing our energy on things that matter.

During the past four years I’ve been trying to keep a journal where I write about different aspects of life. Unfortunately the practice has been extremely irregular and during these four years I’ve managed to scribble down around hundred entries. One of the things I decided to track after the first year was what have I learned during today. The idea was that if I’d learn something small every day, I’d be 365 bits wiser at the end of the year. In addition to forcing you to seek education every single day, by reflecting on the day’s teaching, you’re much more likely to remember it in the long run.

The following list is a fairly un-edited raw output of my notes from a total of 76 days in a chronological order, spread around the past three years. I’ve taken these ideas and phrases from books, observations of life, articles, podcasts, university courses, language studies, and a plethora of other sources that have crossed my life. Looking at the list today, I’m slightly ashamed of some entries, and don’t agree with others, but in the end they reflect that era of my life. Hopefully you’ll be able to find some gold nuggets in between the random scrambling of a mind in a constant flux.

  1. Be different
  2. Delve into benefits, not features
  3. Indian proverb: “Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins.”
  4. If you do something, do it 100%
  5. Social ladder – add value to others and be interested
  6. Perceive cleaning as fun using music
  7. In networking events exit your comfort zone
  8. Prepare for the next day during the evening
  9. Be energetic, social and active – happiness will follow
  10. Practice humility and self discipline
  11. People don’t always make rational decisions
  12. Laziness is part of human nature
  13. Internet marketing: create a landing page with only one call to action
  14. Graham: Wealth is not the same as money, nor is it constant
  15. Branson: VC can take away the control, brand can be expanded, create co-ventures with a great leader
  16. In parties be open, actively engage in conversations
  17. In events take your time to decide where to go, take notes and follow up afterwards
  18. Write a journal consistently
  19. Richness is relative
  20. Nothings is usually as bad as it first seems
  21. Things tend to fall into place eventually
  22. Focus as an entrepreneur – say no more than yes
  23. Business plan is out of date as soon as its ready
  24. Yi, er, san, si, wu, lieng, qi, ba, jiu, shi
  25. Build a big vision, then make it bigger.
  26. Always take the initiative
  27. You appreciate things only after you lose them
  28. Relationships can be painful
  29. Givers are winners
  30. Frugality is the cornerstone of wealth
  31. Trying to help can be counter-productive
  32. Analyse = break down, synthesise = put it together
  33. Waiting increases stress, action dissolves laziness
  34. Don’t overestimate the importance of the first job
  35. Be careful with credit
  36. Use thin layers underneath in oil painting
  37. Don’t be a wussy. Give space, be confident and question.
  38. Conditionnel (serais, aurais) en français
  39. Gratitude for what I have is the foundation of happiness
  40. Quantum physics may explain how thoughts become reality
  41. Brains can’t separate memories from observations
  42. Instead of suppressing, expand your ego to become all-encompassing. This replaces jealousy with pride and confidence.
  43. Argument is valid if truthfulness of premises leads to truthfulness of conclusion
  44. Be the hero of your story, each story has a transformation point with obstacles
  45. We’ll see -philosophy (don’t judge individual events)
  46. Universe is 13,7 billion years old governed by force of gravity, life is a mistake of an asteroid
  47. Share and manifest care in everything. Attract wealth for sharing.
  48. Stories bind us. Desire -> action = fruition
  49. Give what you’d like to receive
  50. Efficiency can decrease prices and increase the speed of process
  51. Don’t run blindly into a pitchfork
  52. War doesn’t make any sense
  53. Convergence of passion+skill and problem+market = opportunity
  54. Launching is critical
  55. Ask for advice
  56. Visualize, stretch yourself
  57. Say NO -> increase your value
  58. Become the change you want to see in the world
  59. Hire slowly, fire fast
  60. Customer service is king
  61. Portfolio theory doesn’t work in startups -> concentrate your energy
  62. Solve a problem better than the rest, then systemise the approach
  63. Belfour: 1) control the sale 2) instant rapport through tonality 3) future pacing
  64. Become passionate about your job, don’t follow it
  65. Read in the evening
  66. 10 x  everything, do what others won’t
  67. Be authentic
  68. “Smaller plates” philosophy
  69. Become a priority
  70. The secret of living is giving. Giving makes you happier and healthier
  71. Individuals brains change through altruism. Culture changes faster than genes
  72. We can’t choose what happens to us, but we can choose our responses, attitudes, and beliefs
  73. Things don’t always go as planned
  74. Challenges take you further and increase the intelligence. Develop a growth mindset where I thrive when things get rough
  75. Take responsibility for you own actions
  76. Go the extra mile and anything becomes possible

“I discovered at a very early age that life is a classroom. You get the best education in everyday experiences when you take the time to absorb what is happening around you. Life is the best teacher, and if you’re lucky, your education doesn’t end after college – it’s just the beginning.” ~ Cristina Carlino

If there’s a particular idea you’d like to learn more about, feel free to comment below and I’ll try to find the source or elaborate. Thank you.

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