Mastering Yourself: 7 Paths to Developing Self Discipline

Imagine what would your life look like if you’d be able to do everything you ever set out to do without fail. No more missed training sessions, unwritten paragraphs, or ‘accidental’ afternoon sugar bombs. The good news is that you can live that life once you master self discipline. The bad news? Well, as humans we’re not exactly predisposed for accomplishing our goals through discipline.
Underscoring its importance, I see discipline also as the predecessor of habits, which are the cornerstone of long lasting behavioural change.  Anyone who’s even tried to develop new habits such as waking up early, eating healthy, or exercising more, knows that it is easier said than done. Particularly after the early eagerness and excitement evaporates, it requires tremendous self discipline to keep going before the new behaviour becomes hard wired into our operating system.
Given the role of self discipline on the journey to living a great life, I scoured the internet for ways to develop the control over my actions. Disillusioned by the available advice I decided to collate some actionable ideas I’ve found helpful, hopefully you’ll find them useful on your journey too.

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How to Become World Class at Asking Questions


Answers form our world and our beliefs, but they are always proceeded by questions. We focus on getting the answers we want, but forget to probe if we have the right questions. Intelligent questioning is one of most effective ways to influence both others and ourselves, yet it’s a skill not taught for most of us in any formal way. Through my own pursuit for asking better questions, I uncovered some ideas that can work as ladders on the pursuit for world class questioning. Read More